• Conceive a boy or girl with 96% success rate

    Conceive a boy or girl
    with 96% success rate

    Baby-Gender.org offers a natural gender selection method
    that allows you to choose the gender of your next baby

Our method

According to our method, the probability of conceiving a baby of a certain gender is higher or lower depending on the day. There is a way to determine the moments when the probability of conceiving a child of necessary sex comes to 96%. For example, if you want to have a boy you could choose the days when spermatozoon with Y- HR units with a woman’s cell. The probability of conceiving a child of preferred sex on other days is less.


The first day

 50% boy

 50% girl

The second day

 55% boy

 45% girl

The third day

 70% boy

 30% girl

The fourth day

 60% boy

 40% girl

The fifth day

 100% boy

 0% girl

The sixth day

 25% boy

 75% girl

The seventh day

 0% boy

 100% girl



We make the diagram and then we determine the days on which the probability of conceiving is the highest. Then we make the personal calendar with the best days for conceiving a baby of preferred sex. The days when the probability of conceiving a child of preferred sex comes close to 96% can come either instantly or after some time. Baby’s gender depends on the father.

Genetics and microbiology have scientifically proved that a future child's sex is totally predetermined by cell composition of man's sperm and in no way depends on woman. The man's body produces an equal number of X- and Y-sperm cells. That is the "technology" of the process.


The factor that is responsible for the baby's sex is chromosomes. Only 2 chromosomes determine their sex. Those two chromosomes are marked as XY for men and XX for women, the ground for that is the fact that those chromosomes look like these two letters. Human embryo is formed when occurs when the sperm cell successfully enters and fuses with an egg cell (ovum). In the process of impregnation female gametes divide in two, and each of two parts has an X-chromosome.

The male gamete in the process of splitting makes two different sperm parts containing X- and Y-chromosomes. If woman's X-chromosome fuses with a sperm part containing an X-chromosome, the child is a girl. If this X-chromosome fuses with a sperm part containing an Y-chromosome, the baby will be a boy. In other words, future child's sex depends on the chromosome that will penetrate the ovule.


Spermatozoons containing Y-chromosome are called androsperm cells and those with X-chromosome are gynosperm cells. As a rule, the ovule may be impregnated only by one sperm cell.All over the world, the secondary sex ratio averages 105 male babies to 100 female babies. In other words, 105 boys are born for each 100 girls.Thus a "male reserve" of about 5% is formed at birth.How is this initial reserve made by nature? How is the secondary sex ratio formed?

It is quite easy to learn a secret of conception of a boy or girl, as the man produces an equal number of X- and Y-sperm cells, but mostly the latter are predominantly permitted for impregnation while the former are blocked in some way. In which way are they blocked? It may be restriction of activity of X-sperm cells, decrease of their possibilities to penetrate the ovule, and finally, death of some of them.


Thus nature itself prompted us. The principle of our method is to define days when activity of X- or Y- sperm cells is blocked. Blockage of X- or Y-sperm cells has great, even fundamental importance without any exaggeration. Its purpose is that at this stage the sexes of people of next generation are constituted.

What causes these blockages? This question is more important. The blockage may be caused by the environment blocking X- or Y-sperm cells, in which male gametes are situated or in which the process of connecting and impregnation occurs. This serves as the basis for many methods — different diets, ovulation method, etc. But all these methods can reduce the number of unwanted chromosomes only to some extent.

When man's X-sperm cells are blocked, we have non-gamete sperm fraction with its definite hormone combination.According to our method, the man's X- or Y-chromosomes are blocked regularly on some definite days. The proportion of blocked chromosomes changes constantly. We managed to find a way to determine days when X- or Y-chromosomes are blocked as much as possible.


We create unique electronic calendars for each client with optimal dates for conceiving a boy or girl (depending on your choice) for three months 

Out method is 96% effective and has already helped many parents. Note that no natural gender selection technique guarantees 100% success 






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